Sophisticated 21st century and cut-throat competition means that the need to support one’s learning in order that they maximise their potential is a matter of utmost importance. At ‘Merging NepSocs’, we aim to achieve this through Mentoring Scheme which is one of our five projects. With two schemes, namely Sixth form to University and University to Graduate job/Further study, it is a platform whereby both mentors and mentees can elevate knowledge-sharing to a practical level.


Most frequent questions and answers

The Mentoring Scheme is open to all Nepalese students (A level equivalent and University) and young professionals. We invite mentor applications from University students and young professionals who are willing to provide high level of support and guidance to enhance effectiveness of mentees. Likewise, we invite mentee applications from students who are willing to grow their network and more importantly, improve their personal and professional skills.

All interested candidates can join the scheme by using the mentor and mentee sign up form in our website. In addition to the sign up form, candidates who are under 18 years must also complete a parental consent form.

The mentoring programme is completely voluntary and mentors will not be paid. Hence, the scheme will be provided free of cost.

Mentors will be divided into groups based on area of study such as Life sciences, Humanities, Engineering, Mathematics etc.

You are more than welcome to suggest a mentor. However, mentors and mentees are matched by the mentoring panel based on availability and the information provided in the sign up form.

You will get the detail of your respective mentor or mentee from the mentoring panel. When it comes to communication, email will be the primary method of contact between a mentor and a mentee.

We are happy for the relationship to last for as long as is convenient for both parties.

For Sixth form to University scheme, mentors will focus mainly on UCAS applications i.e choosing universities and courses, personal statement and interviews.

For University to Graduate job/Further study scheme, mentors will emphasize on employability skills i.e CV, cover letter, interview techniques and aptitude/psychometric tests.

We don’t deem this to be necessary but we will try to accommodate this where possible.

Yes, you are welcome to support more than one mentee as long as you are able to manage your time and you can mention this whilst filling the sign up form.

Yes, a mentor can also apply to be a mentee or vice versa.

You can include this when you fill your application form. However, we recommend all applicants to be as flexible as possible.

This will mainly depend on availability of mentor but we aim to get back to applicants within a week of their form submission.

We expect our mentors to be as responsive as possible to the emails sent by mentees. The mentoring can be time consuming depending on the needs of the mentee and the time of the academic year. For eg: BMAT help may be more time consuming than giving feedbacks for their CV.

Disclosing your grades is not mandatory in the form. However, you will need to provide this information to your mentor so that he/she can plan your progress accordingly.

If you have any problems regarding the scheme or you are not happy with your mentor/mentee, you can report it using feedback form. Alternatively, you can also email the mentoring panel directly.

CV is mandatory for all mentors and Undergraduate mentees but we also recommend Sixth form mentees to upload their CV.

If you are unsure, please select other from the list. The mentoring panel will allocate you to the relevant group based on the name of your course.