Bibek Khati Chhetri



Hi, my name is Bibek Khati Chhetri. Right now, I feel ecstatic. My position in MNS EC is Vice-Secretary.

One thing that I am proud of achieving in my life so far is, graduating University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering BSc and just making my family and friends proud of me.

What do u think of the new trend that being “woke is cool”?

Being conscious about yourself and the environment around you is an important quality that an individual should strive for. With an ever-growing global network, we as individuals have tools to find out and learn about issues and injustice that happens around the world. This comes with a responsibility to make sure we are aware of the issues but also help towards solving the said issues, in any form that we can. With trends starting and ending before even a day passes by it is very important for us to fully understand what is happening around us and not just drift with the waves of social media. Yes, being woke, implying awareness about the inequalities, injustice and unfairness in the world is cool. But working towards improving these terms, to educate yourself correctly about the different issues and the different cultures, to understand a situation before jumping to conclusions, and just learn to be more humane is much cooler.

Are you scared of new beginnings? Why.

A new beginning brings with it many feelings, leaving the comfort of what you know is always a scary thought. Will it succeed, will I get to the destination, will I fail: all these and many more thoughts cloud our minds but there is that adrenaline of heading towards the unknown. The city that once was cold and silent now roars with memories, the projects that seemed impossible have moulded good habits, somethings didn’t work but it was a lesson, and the unthinkable sometimes just surprises you. Yes, I fear new beginnings but more than that I get a rush of excitement to experience a new adventure.

Your fav nepali quote/ (or song/ or album) is...

This is probably the hardest question, there are so many greats that in my mind are just pure classic but as of me writing this Lau Na Ho by RK Square, because it’s just very special song .

What excites you about MNS movement?

Being able to see this movement from the very first meeting in Birmingham I am so proud of where we are and the destination ahead. The thing that excites me the most it that we are working towards connecting all Nepalese people in the UK as one, preserving our diverse tradition and culture, and hopefully being able to teach all this to the next generation.