Networking Platform

Merging NepSocs serve as a networking platform that hopes to bring together students, graduates and young professionals in order to improve social mobility within the Nepalese diaspora. With this in mind, we organise a variety of events that provide an opportunity to meet people across a range of disciplines, at various stages in their career, and learn from others.

We organise Talent Shows where participants demonstrate any talent they wish. Performances can include anything from singing and dancing to drama, comedy shows or any other forms of art. This provides an opportunity not only to showcase your talent whatever level of proficiency you might be at but also to develop your confidence. You can also meet with fellow Nepalese graduates or professionals who might share similar interests with yourself.

With an aim of providing career support as well as networking opportunity we organised a ‘Meet, Greet and Network’ event in February 2019 especially aimed at post graduates and young professionals. It involved Q&A session with a panel of experts namely Abhijay Jain (Partner at PwC), Dr Sujan Rajbhandari (Senior Lecturer at Coventry University) and Navin Singh Khadka (Environment Correspondent at BBC World Service). We have had a very positive feedback from the attendees of the event and look forward to organising similar events in the near future.

Moreover, through organising a Summer Ball and an Autumn Ball, we have created opportunities to come together to wind down, celebrate our hard work and achievements and basically just have a great time.