Volunteering in Nepal

Merging NepSocs is a much needed “Chautari” for the young Nepali diaspora from various expertise and backgrounds to connect, network and bring forward collective change. Amongst the growing Nepali organisations and communities, which at times have set poor examples of division and segregation based on caste, creed, religion, and political view - Merging NepSocs is a breath of fresh air. I met up with the team in an event in Wiltshire, and since then given my time and expertise when possible.

In December 2018, we carried out "Glasses to Gorkha" - a 3-day outreach program in Chipleti, Gorkha. During the devastating April 2015 earthquakes in Nepal, Gorkha was the epicentre and hugely affected. The main aim of the program was to provide independence to the villagers by restoring their sight, where possible, through spectacles.

From 17th to 19th of December, the team tested 456 villagers and provided spectacles to 293. During the eye camp, a preliminary list of patients with cataract symptoms was also compiled and handed over to the local health care centre. In March 2019, 69 of the cataract diagnosed patients underwent surgery for free.

If you would also to give your time and skills to make a difference, come and join oyt volunteering team. Our team holds future plans to conduct research on Nepali diaspora around the world, particularly keen in Myanmar.