Bishnu Gaire



Hi, my name is Bishnu Gaire, currently stepping my foot on the entrepreneurship path after graduating in EEE from the University of Greenwich. I am the elected vice president of MNS.

What do u think of the new trend that being “woke is cool”?

To be honest, it is the first time I am hearing this term and I quickly googled it and realized I have been “woke” for few years now but I am not sure if it’s cool. If I base my point of view on the google definition of “being woke” than being woke should be natural. As a human being we are a curious creature and we do question everything.

Are you scared of new beginnings? Why

Yes, because organisation like MNS rely on lot’s people fulfilling their responsibilities voluntarily and it is very easy for people to lose that enthusiasm unless we the EC keep the momentum alive. Lot of organisation similar to MNS start off with big objectives and big promises but as the time goes by they become ineffective and sort of die. As everyone working for such organisation does voluntarily managing their fulltime job or everyday activities, the momentum could easily be lost. I want Merging NepSoc to expand far beyond UK and be this force of Nepalese youth. And while it is natural to be scared of such huge beginning, I have full confident this EC will design the base to achieve our goals eventually.

Your fav nepali quote/ (or song/ or album) is

It is hard to pick one with so many amazing songs and quotes. But if I must pick one it has to be this song,

“Soche jasto hunna jivan, samjhe jasto hunna jivan

Jasto bogyo ustai huncha, dekhe jasto hunna jivan”


The lyrics and are just great and Tara Devi’s classic voice makes it even better.

What excites you about MNS movement?

The idea of bringing all Nepalese youth around the world to the same platform is very exciting. Joining the force of academics and creatives we can achieve unimaginable things and play a vital role in the development of Nepal. Working on MNS events really gave me the feeling of sense of belonging and I believe it is true for so many of the Nepalese youth attending the events too. It is easy for youth of today to be in the state of lost identity especially when most of us don’t live in the country where we grew up and MNS really fills that gap and makes us feel special again.