Nilkiran Kharel



Hi, I am Nilkiran. Right now, I feel ready to make 2019 a year where things happen. My position in MNS EC is Treasurer.

One thing that I am proud of achieving in my life so far is, being able to overcome my fear of public speaking. Being a naturally shy kid since childhood i found almost hard to go out of my comfort zone and express or even communicate effectively with group of people. The day i started overcoming was by acting, acting confident and the more i did it i found myself adapting to it and now it just comes so naturally! This has led to me meeting amazing people, being involved in various projects and most of all be a part of Merging Nepsocs!

What do u think of the new trend that being “woke is cool”?

Wait it’s a trend?!! Well Being woke for the right reasons is empowering.

Are you scared of new beginnings? Why.

Mixed feeling, it’s scary for the thought of losing who you are right now but exciting to unleash the adventure to who you are becoming.

Your fav nepali quote/ (or song/ or album) is...

Kun mandir ma janchau yatri by Adhi kabi Laxmi Prasad Devkota

What excites you about MNS movement?

The campaigns and how powerful and exuberating it is to see youth unite selflessly for one reason to grow both as an individual and the Nepalese community.