Samir Gurung

General Secretary


Hi, I am Samir Gurung aka Sexy Shishi. Right now, I feel spiritually elevated and I genuinely believe that I am traversing life in different forms. My position in MNS EC is General Secretary. I set up meetings at unexpected hours, write lot of unpublished minutes, create a platform for other members to showcase their skills and engage in heartful conversations and shows where they find their aligning interest in. One thing that I am proud of achieving in my life so far is... understanding the struggle is always on Work mode and we just need to live gracefully by giving plenty of Khaja & Aaram Time to oneself.

What do u think of the new trend that being “woke is cool”?

Coolness can be quite an arrogant term for someone who considers themselves as “Hot”. Thus, I am not sure if my thoughts are justifiable. It’s very subjective whether one is woke or not and depends on what are we relating it to especially when it come to being cool. Honestly, I seriously still need to google more on new trend. I believe I have a lot of catching up yet to do.

Are you scared of new beginnings? Why?

Not at all. New beginnings bring new hope, new madness, new anxiety, new me and it’s similar feeling like buying new clothes which I hardly do.

Your fav nepali quote/ (or song/ or album) is

“Yo Naamko bhari kaha lagi bishaula, Aafai sanga lagcha daar na Mato ma milaula?” by Haribangsha Acharya & “Teso Gare Kaso Hola?“

What excites you about MNS movement?

Realness to be better together is what excites me the most about MNS movement. Everyone in the movement is passionately dedicated to pave a progressive path for our generation and create a platform for the next generation for speedy growth preserving the essence of their identity. MNS movement is the art of giving and providing service to the community and people.

Thank you! It’s an immense pleasure to work with all and hope to have a fruitful time ahead together. Let’s get connected. I am easy to find.